Tastemaker with an appetite for great food & good vibes

I was born in Queens, New York, a culinary oasis, to a woman that taught herself foundational techniques of preparing gourmet dishes on a  lower middle-class budget. By 4, I was eating sushi with chopsticks. At 9, I was choosing to celebrate my birthday at upscale dining establishments. During Christmas, I would host friends for gingerbread house building made from scratch. My adolescence was shaped by great food.


Off to Clark Atlanta University. My freshman year of college I was a hostess at Applebee’s, then upgraded to lead hostess at California Pizza Kitchen. Working in a restaurant gave me a completely different perceptive of the food service industry. No longer was I the person sitting at the table barking orders, I was now the person taking them. Through this experience, I was able to observe the behind the scenes operations and the intimate interaction with dining guest. This created a new found appreciation for service staff and restaurant management. 


After graduating, I launched and operated LAME Clothing Project for three years. I used my entrepreneurial endeavor to develop skill in graphic design and digital marketing. I transitioned from the clothing business to begin to offer brand development solutions to fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses. This journey eventually led me back to the food industry. This time I would be managing digital marketing campaigns, opposed to the front of the house operations.


What transpired during this professional development, was a growing personal passion for food as it pertained to the overall dining experience. From ambiance and social engagement, interactions both within the restaurant and online. I found myself overindulging in the experience. It overtook my social media posts and sometimes my wallet. I’d become a full-blown Foodie.


Food became a key identifier associated with my personal and professional brand. So, I’ve learned to embrace it to the fullest. I see culinary offerings as an art medium. It can spark conversation, cause controversy and might be the greatest form of storytelling we know. As a corporate foodie, I share my experiences, rooted in food, with those who love it just as much! 


Food is life. Live it ‘til you’re fullest.   








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