Denver Restaurant Week #DRW17

Denver Restaurant Week can be an extremely exciting time for foodies like myself. It gives you an opportunity to try new restaurants, or dive deeper into familiar menus. Nearly 300+ restaurants throughout Colorado participated from February 24 - March 5th, 2017. This year introduced a new tiered level pricing of $25/$35/$45. This tactic was implemented as an incentive for restaurants to put increased efforts into their menu offerings at a fair price point. I made reservations for nearly every night, with plans to meet up with various groups of friends throughout the week. With all that excitement, unfortunately, there is some opportunity for disappointment.

That was the case with some of the higher end restaurants, Colt & Gray and Hearth & Dram. The food was a bit underwhelming and the service was far below expectation. Colt & Gray being the worst of the two. Both visits averaged over 2.5 hours, nearly 40 minutes between courses. The management at Hearth & Dram did make an attempt at salvaging our dinner. For that, I am appreciative and would consider a return visit. The month-old restaurant seemed to have been backed up in the kitchen due to the high volume of tables.

We can all rejoice when restaurants use these promotional opportunities to showcase their food offerings as well as exceptional service. The Nickel and Il Posto were exceptional at both. Their enthusiastic and knowledgeable staffs, combined with engaging management, took the dining experience to an entirely new level. Though we had issues being seated at the Edge Restaurant and Lounge (additional 45-minute wait on top of our schedule reservation) once we were seated the service was stellar and the food was on point.

Fire Restaurant & Lounge, located in The Art Hotel, was a solid experience. Their 4th-floor location lends itself to great views of the city from its patio. You can’t go wrong with outdoor seating with an awesome fire pit. Satchel's On Sixth was a surprising favorite. I’d never heard of the small eatery, despite living in Capitol Hill for years. Their menu hosts a diverse range of comfort food. They were one of two places with more than 4+ course options on their Denver Restaurant Week menu. Who doesn’t love options?

I took Denver Restaurant Week as a time to gather content for my blog, along with spending some quality time with some awesome people. This is one of many reasons I love the dining experience. It provides an environment for people to engage with each other; whether it be the chef to kitchen team, bartenders with solo patrons, or amongst a larger party of diners. Thank you to all my awesome friends who joined me throughout the week. We share some good laughs and a bunch of great food. It doesn’t get much better than that. I’ll be discussing each restaurant, in more detail, within my weekly blog post. Stay tuned each Monday for a new #FreshEats feature.

February 25 - Fire Restaurant & Lounge - The Art Hotel

February 26 - Colt & Grey

February 27 - The Nickel - Hotel Teatro

March 1 - Hearth & Dram - Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown

March 2 - Satchel's On Sixth

March 3 - Il Posto

March 4 - The Edge Restaurant & Lounge - The Four Seasons Hotel

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