Colt & Gray

Denver Restaurant Week can be an extremely exciting time for foodies like myself. It gives you an opportunity to try new restaurants, or dive deeper into familiar menus. I made reservations for nearly every night, with plans to meet up with various groups of friends throughout the week. With all that excitement there is some opportunity for disappointment. That was the case with our recent visit to Colt & Gray.

We were greeted and promptly seated in the main dining room for our 8:30 reservation. I was delighted to see that the menu offered (4) items within each of the main two courses. Our server was slow to greet us and even slower to take our orders. She wasn’t well versed on the menu, nor was she able to help identify requested items as it pertained to cocktail offerings. It took us about 20 minutes to place our order for food and drinks. At that time we requested bread. The server dropped off drinks about 10-15 minutes later, another request for bread was made.

About 50 minutes into our reservation we received the bone marrow. At that same time, we received the bread. Here’s the thing, there was already bread that accompanies the appetizer, so it was not longer needed. We finished the marrow and waited about 10+ minutes to be served our first course of appetizers. Yes, one hour later we were finally served our first courses. We finished everything is about 10 minutes. To my surprise, we were the last table in the restaurant. I had not realized they closed at 9:00 pm that evening. There were servers cleaning the main dining room, resetting the tables. We didn’t see our waitress for 20 minutes at a time.

It was about 30+ minutes after our first course when I finally got up and asked to speak to a manager. I was taken aback when the bartender pointed to the end of the bar and informed me that the manager was sitting right in front of me chatting. I informed him that we had been at the restaurant for over an hour and a half and had barely received 1 of 3 courses. He went to the kitchen and was there about 10 minutes before coming to our table to let us know that our food was right behind him. Another 5-10 minutes goes by until our 2nd course was eventually delivered to the table. Of course, we had to wait to eat because we were not given additional plates and only two of us had a new set of silverware.

The food was good, but not great. Nothing stood out to me. I will be the first to admit the extended wait time and lack of service put a sour taste in my mouth. As if that wasn’t enough, we had to get up to inform the staff we were ready for dessert, and get up once again for to go boxes. Overall the experience was a disaster. The sentiment from everyone at the table is that this staff really didn’t care. The lack of attentiveness, and no sense of urgency, even after having to get up and find a manager, displayed an inability to provide consistent service start to finish. We did not receive an apology, adjustments to the bill or any type of acknowledgment of their wrongdoing. I have never received such poor service from a full-service upscale restaurant. This took the cake. Unless you are coming to Colt & Gray to sit at the bar, I would not be making a return visit.

P.S. I emailed a complaint to Colt & Gray and never received a response.

Colt & Gray - 1553 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202

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