Satchel's On 6th

Satchel’s On 6th was by far the hidden gem of our Denver Restaurant Week adventures. I’d never heard of this place, despite living in Capitol Hill most of my life. Even as I was riding to the restaurant, I still didn’t have a clue of its exact location. You immediately felt the warm energy upon entering the extremely narrow restaurant. I’m pretty sure I bumped into at least four people as I walked to our table. This place was packed! Making a reservation was definitely the wise thing to do.

We were pleasantly surprised to see just how many food options we had on the Denver Restaurant Week menu. There were so many items to choose from. It was easy for everyone to find something that they would really enjoy. It took us a bit of time to settle in and place our order. Since we had a larger group, we were able to try nearly every item on the menu. It’s a foodie’s dream! We ordered:

First Course:

  • Crab cakes

  • Smoked fish chowder

  • Beef tartar

  • Duck fat fries

Second Course:

  • Lamb burger

  • Fried chicken

  • Grilled halibut

  • Roasted pork shoulder


  • Beignets

  • Poached pear

I was extremely impressed with all the food. It was so comforting and hearty. A much-needed contrast from all of the high-end places we’d been dining at during the week. Everything was well seasoned, but not overpowering. The smoked fish chowder and fried chicken were my two favorite items. Even the desserts were impactful. I am not really into sweets.

The service was solid, but the food really took this dining experience to the next level. Their menu changes seasonally. Though the menu isn’t as extensive as most restaurants, Satchel’s On 6th executes! I would describe this place as a neighborhood jewel. I’m not too sure how many people outside of the Cheesman Park area are flocking to this restaurant, but if you are nearby it is highly recommended. It’s probably a good idea to make a reservation for dinner if there are more than two people. Seating is limited and I have a feeling that it is the type of place that patrons like to sit and chat for awhile. Add Satchel’s On 6th to your list of must try places outside the downtown area. It will not disappoint.

Satchel’s On 6th

1710 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

#SatchelOn6th #DenverRestaurantWeek

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