II Posto

Il Posto is a full-on dining experience. This is one of the rare instances where your money gets you quality food and exceptional service. This is a stunning dining space in a premiere location. The restaurant recently relocated to the Rino area. This move is paying dividends. There was alway much hype around Il Posto. Moving to a culinary hotbed has just increased its exposure. My eyes lit up when I realized that they were participating in Denver Restaurant Week. Reservations went quickly. We barely made it on the list with a late Friday night reservation.

We sat at the Chef’s counter. We were able to observe all the action. Their kitchen crew worked enthusiastically and communication was flawless. I’m big on sitting back and watching staff interaction. It can tell you a great deal about a restaurant. The Il Posto team is committed to preparing fresh eats with bold flavors. They enhance the offerings with wine pairings and high-end service. We took advantage of the wine pairing that would accompany our 4-course meal. We had the option to choose from red or white wine. We chose one of each.

Each course was special! It really gave me the feeling that it was cooked with love and care. There was something inspiring about each dish. The seasoning was on point. Perfect amounts of salt, acidity, and sweetness where it was needed. Though it was not included in the Denver Restaurant Week menu, we were gifted with dessert. It was called in special from the owner at the request of one of our friends. Such a nice touch to end a tremendous meal. Who doesn’t love a fresh doughnut?

Il Posto is the perfect date night destination. If you are on a solo mission, the bar or the Chef’s counter would be my recommendation. If you have a wine lover in your life, you need to bring them here. Their in-house specialist will walk you through the pairings. He is a treasure chest of information. We called him “Wine Bae!” You absolutely get what you pay for, and more. It is sure to make a great impression on whomever you dine with. Unfortunately, the owner was not on site during our dinner. I have heard he is a gracious host. I look forward to meeting him during my next visit!

Il Posto

2601 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205


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