EDGE Restaurant At The Four Seasons

The Edge Bar, in the Four Season Hotel, has been one of my favorite places to visit. Whether it’s watching sports or popping in for one their many social events it's always a good time. When Denver Restaurant Week came around, I found this as the perfect opportunity to actually dine within the restaurant portion of the Edge. That’s right! During the past two years, I’d never sat down for a formal dinner. This would prove to be a bit of a different experience from my norm.

I have always received excellent service in the bar area. Unfortunately, the start of our dinner service did not stand up to the high expectation. We had a late night reservation, sometime after 8:45. We checked in with the host a few minute before our designated time. They informed us that there would be a 15+ minute wait to be seated. We politely informed them that we had a reservation. They didn’t seem to care. There was no reassurance that they would work to have us seated as soon as possible. As we walked back over to the bar area, we realized we were not told how we’d be contacted when a table did become available. After going back up to the host stand, a phone number was taken.

We headed back to the bar and waited approximately 45+ minutes. We still have not been contacted. Back to the host stand we go. Once again, there was no attempt to reassure us that we’d be seated anytime soon. Or appreciation for the time we'd already been waiting patiently. This time we weren’t as passive. The main dining room had cleared out some. There were open tables visible. After another 15+ minutes, and some complaining, we were offered to sit in the private dining room. We accepted.

Over an hour past our reservation, we were finally seated and ready to order. I am happy to report that from this point on our service and food were amazing. Our server was excellent and single-handedly salvaged our visit. The food was as expected, great! There was no standout piece because I literally enjoyed every bit of every course. Their restaurant week menu had a great selection of food offerings. Everything came out in a timely manner. This was by far the best dessert destination of all of our Denver Restaurant Week adventures.

I would think twice about booking a dinner reservation for 4+ people during the weekend. I do know I will make a return visit for dinner service. The menu hosts some of the same items as the bar menu. As expected, there is much more of a variety on the full dinner menu. This is a place that would be great for a date night, special occasion or business meeting. I still prefer to sit at the bar because it is more casual. But every now and then we have to step it up a notch. Management is always attentive and on point. Overall, the staff is an amazing bunch. Can’t wait for pool party season! I’ll be sure to take some photos and post them on the blog throughout the summer months.

Edge Restaurant & Bar

Four Seasons Hotel

1111 14th St, Denver, CO 80202

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