Sweet Cooie's

Now that we have unofficially hit the beginning of summer, I will be doing a few specialty blogs that will be focused around good summertime vibes. The sun is shining! The weather is heating up and the clothes are coming off. Well, at least a layer, or two. I can’t think of too many things that make me think of summer more than ice cream!

My friend, singer + songwriter, Kayla Marque and I were on a mission to find a cool location for an impromptu photo shoot. She put up a Facebook post for suggestions. That’s when Sweet Cooie's was put on our radar. It had been the scene of a recent fashion photo shoot. The space was ideal for a classic vibe. The next day we packed up and headed over to the spot.

We were greeted by a very friendly staffer. We asked permission to use the space for a few shots. He was more than happy to allow us full access to the shop. I quickly fell in love with the blue colors on the walls and fixtures. Touches of gold and red can be spotted throughout. The aroma of sweetness overwhelmed the space. Pure heaven! Did I mention that they were playing classic tunes from 50’s and 60’s film and Broadway productions?

Though most of our time was spent shooting, we made sure we took some time to taste some of the sweet treats. I had a small scoop of Holy Cannoli. Vanilla based ice cream with fresh chocolate covered cannoli spread throughout. Kayla ordered the Horchata flavor with a massive chocolate covered waffle cone. We had to go all out in the name of art! Other desserts from local makers can be enjoyed as well. They are quite a variety of chocolates, candies and baked goods on display.

Sweet Cooie’s truly exemplifies the word “experience”. They have you covered with a thoughtful space, quality edibles, and stellar service. The full package. If you are in the Congress Park area I highly recommend you paying a visit to this gem. It is the perfect neighborhood destination if you have a sweet tooth. Definitely looking forward to a return visit.

Sweet Cooie's

3506 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80206


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