The Preservery

I have to start off this post by stating that I am a bit bias in my review of The Preservery for a number of reasons.

1. I was one of the first customers to dine here.

2. Great relationships with the team. Obe + Whitney are definitely an amazing power couple.

3. Sous Chef, Dave Hadley is easily one of my favorite local culinary minds. Ask the Food Network’s Chopped about him!

4. I love sandwiches! (there is way more to the menu than sandwiches. It’s just a personal preference)

You will see a bright open dining space when entering the eatery. The bar to the left, piano and art to the right. Straight forward is the ordering station. Not only is The Perservery a full-service restaurant, it also doubles as a marketplace. You can purchase a variety of high-end meats, cheeses, sides, desserts and beverages here. Many items are made in house or sourced from local vendors. One being Raquelita’s Tortillas, which I wrote about in a previous post.

I was sure I tried most of the lunch menu but that is pretty impossible to do seeing that they are constantly adding new items. The Hammy Sammy is some type of special sandwich! It’s a pretty traditional ham sandwich just taken up a notch. The charcuterie board host a diverse mix of meats and cheeses. The bread is made in house! The jam perfectly balances everything out. Sweet and savory!

The highlight of this meal was the beet salad. Dave had to convince me to get it. I’m not really a salad type of girl. But I am so happy he suggested it. Phenomenal! By far the best salad I have had. First, the plating is insane. A true work of art. There were a variety of beets, some sweet, others a little spicier! The bread crisp was lightly oiled and salted. Here's the kicker! The center of the salad is burrata. Yassssss! Major cool points on this creation. It’s no wonder, my guy, Chef Hadley took home the Food Network’s Chopped Championship!

The Perservery is serving up lunch and dinner on a daily basis. The weekends get really lively with their So What Brunch service. It features a few of the dopest DJ’s in the area. Shoutout to DJ Low Key and the crew! Other special events include dinner pairings and live music. Be sure to like The Preserver’s Facebook page to stay up to date on all the goings-on. They do an amazing job of making sure all their events are posted and circulating through your timeline. Continuing with the summer time vibes, their patio is an ideal spot to catch the rays with a crafted cocktail. You will definitely be seeing more about The Perservery on this blog in the future. I just can’t stay away from this place!

The Preservery

3040 Blake St #101, Denver, CO 80205

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