Syrup City Park

When I heard that they were building a Syrup at the old LePeeps location in City Park I was stoked. This is one of the best breakfast/brunch spots in Denver. The thought of being able to avoid the downtown traffic and lounge on a spacious patio was wonderful.

During our last visit to Syrup, I had the pleasure of chatting with the new General Manager, Matt. He walked us through the menu and we ordered up a few of the customer favorites. We also sipped on some new cocktails that recently made their debut on the summer menu. The watermelon margarita is definitely my new jam! I’m always a sucker for mimosas during brunch.

The standout item was the beignets. They were fried to perfection, but still light and airy. They were accompanied by three different dipping sauces all made in house. Blackberry was over the top good! It’s crazy how something so simple can be so delicious. Next up was the Nutella french toasted topped with some fresh fruit. Needing to balance out the sweet with some savory, we tasted the Benedict. The eggs were perfectly cooked. All the flavors melted together.

What I enjoyed even more than the food, were the people. Matt sat with us at one point and simply told us about his experience and what a joy it has been to see the transition of this location into a neighborhood hot spot. Everyone from the bar manager to the servers were warm and friendly. This is what I call a full dining experience. Good food is great, but good food paired with stellar service definitely takes it all to a whole other level. I was impressed to dive deeper into their menu and learn about the locally sourced good used and how much of their ingredients are developed in house. You’ll definitely be seeing more of Syrup of this blog in the future.

Syrup (City Park)

1875 York St.

Denver, CO. 80206

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