Highlands Tap & Burger

First and foremost I have to give a shout out to Juan for setting up this visit. We had the pleasure to chat with Alex, the marketing and social media manager, for all their Tap & Burger concepts. I love it when my restaurant visits are both tasty and informative.

I think I might have found my new favorite burger. Their smash burger is insanely good! Perfect bun, great ratio of cheese, veggies, and condiments. I’m generally not a fan a huge juicy burger. Small patties make me happy :). What’s a burger without fries? Fresh, hand cut golden fried goodness. Definitely will be back for this one. A surprising hidden jewel on the menu were the tacos. Love me some tacos! The chicken had a smokey, spicy flavor. The freshly sliced avocado was a lovely touch. Next, was the pulled pork sandwich topped with red cabbage. The thing was massive. Be prepared to leave full and get messy!

No great meal is complete without a good beverage to pair with the tasty bites. The margarita definitely hit the spot and was the obvious pairing for the taco. The pulled pork required a beer. If you are a beer lover this is a great place for you. There were would wonderful gluten free options which you don’t find as often. My only wish is that they had beer flights so people like me who aren’t well versed in brews can taste a little of everything.

My greatest takeaways were Tap & Burger’s commitment to high-quality food and team work. Small details like the number of items on the Saturday brunch menu in comparison to the full brunch experience on Sundays. Internal health of a brand almost always translates to customer success. With the new edition of Senor Bear, I know they will continue to serve up flavorful eats and exceptional service.

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