Black Americas Pop-Up Dinner No. 2

Black Americas Pop-Up Dinner No. 2: A Taste of the Coastal South at LOW Country Kitchen LoHi hosted by James Beard Award Winner Adrian Miller

Monday, July 31st, 2017, I had the pleasure of attending this Pop-Up Dinner. It was a seamless fusion of community, culture, and cuisine. I truly believe food is a perfect bridge that connects us. It serves as an introduction to cultures different from our own.

I born in New York, raised in Denver, but our family's roots are based in the Carolinas. Summers would be my opportunity to taste the flavors of the south. The fish fries, cookouts, collard greens and my Grandmother's moist lemon pound cake were a few highlights. So when I came across the Black Americas Pop-Up Dinner event page, I was extremely excited. I've also had my eye on LOW Country Kitchen for some time.

Upon entering the restaurant, all guest were gathered near the bar area. Bar staff served up some happy hour cocktails and small appetizers. I snuck over into the main dining area to take a peek at the beautiful table arrangements. Each seat had a place setting with a guest names tag, menu and some print collateral. We were seated a few minutes later. The attentive waitstaff made their rounds pouring wine and bringing out the first courses served family style.

One of the best moments in the evening was sitting at a table with mostly strangers, chatting and passing around each dish. This was an interaction that I was not quite used to being that I am an only child. It initiated conversation and gave you a chance to observe what dishes each guest responded to the most.

My two standout favorites were the deviled eggs and the vegetables and grits. I'm a sucker for cheese grits. Pretty sure I ate them every morning my first semester at Clark Atlanta University. The cheese ensured the dish was well salted. The vegetables were cooked well, still maintaining their lovely color and crunch. This was a unique pairing. Grits are generally paired with a protein and eaten in the daytime. This version made it an ideal option for individuals with restrictive dietary needs. Overall all the food was tasty. The coating on both the fried green tomatoes and the fried chicken were unreal. Golden fried goodness!

Towards the end of the meal, each member of the organizational team spoke about the Black Americas Project, their involvement and the bases behind the dinner. It was wonderful to see the project manifest in the flesh. Of course, it isn't all about the food, but aspects of culture such as food and music transcend color, region, and religion. This event is the perfect example of why I am so passionate about dining. I'm looking forward to attending the third and final installation of the dinner series in the coming months.

Menu Appetizers:

Deviled eggs and fried green tomatoes Entrée (served family style): Fried chicken

Jambalaya (housemade andouille sausage, chicken confit, manila clams, charred tomato, Carolina gold rice (GF)

Vegetables and grits (seasonal vegetables, Anson Mills antebellum grits, aged white cheddar, creole gravy (GF) Dessert: Seasonal fruit sorbet


More about The Black Americas Project: Biennial Of The Americas

The Black Americas Project: The Evolving Black Experience in the Americas is a year long series of events and conversations that will explore the African Diaspora* and its social, cultural, political, and economic impact on the Americas of the past, present, and future. Our goal is to have members of every community walk away from programming informed and able to articulate what the African Diaspora means to them and more broadly, the Americas.

These programs are made possible by partnerships and donations by community members and the following organizations: The Newman Center, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, The Blair Caldwell Library and African American Research Center, The Denver Art Museum, The Denver Center for Performing Arts, The Bonfils Foundation, Curious Theater, The Botchetter Foundation, The Museum of Contemporary Art and The Office of Mayor Michael B. Hancock.

- Biennial Of The Americas

Biennial Of The Americas

The Black Americas Project

Adrian Miller - Soul Food Scholar

LOW Country Kitchen - LoHi, Denver

1575 Boulder Street A,

Denver, Colorado 80211

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