Candela Latin Kitchen

Candela Latin Kitchen is one of the newest additions to the LoHi neighborhood. The space is beautifully laid out. It gives an amazing vibe. After seeing some amazing looking pictures of their food, I made it a priority to stop in for a visit. My initial impression was that layout of the restaurant really lent itself to many types of diners. There is a distinctive bar area, dining room, and a spacious patio.

We were greeted soon after our arrival. Management and our server walked us through the menu. Their happy hour is a good option if you want to ease into the menu or are looking for smaller plates. It featured items from land and sea. We ordered a few drinks. The Candela Colada changed my life! This might have been the best cocktail I’ve had this entire year. I would come here just for a few of those. Both the White Sangria and Paloma were light and refreshing.

On to the food! The Soft Shell Crab Slider was insanely genius. Instead of using bread, Candela used tostones as the sandwich's base. Total game changer! It was topped with a purple cabbage slaw and aioli. The presentation took the dish to another level. I really appreciate when a restaurant puts effort into stimulating all the senses.

Candela will be a go to destination for taco lovers in the Highlands area. We were extremely impressed with the Sweet Plantain Tacos. It featured roasted poblano peppers, queso fresco, scallion, crispy shallots and was topped with a chipotle maple sauce. What a special way to create a vegetarian option that is like none other. The Beer Batter Shrimp Tacos were my favorite item. I’m a sucker for a tasty fish taco. This one did not disappoint.

Soft Shell Crab Slider

Beer Batter Shrimp Tacos

Chicken Empanada

Sweet Plantain Tacos

Beef Anticuchos

Candela Colada

White Sangria


My overall impression of Candela Latin Kitchen is that they will make a great impact on the LoHi dining scene. I truly appreciated their use of plantains and incorporation of other Latin inspired ingredients. Their crafted cocktails are an extremely strong aspect within the dining experience. Management and the chef were engaging. Our actual servers left more to be desired. There were long lapses of time where we were left unattended. Luckily we had a good rotation of food to hold us over. Thoughtful plating and a commitment to pack some real flavor in each dish will definitely make me a return guest.

Candela Latin Kitchen

1691 Central Street

Denver - LoHi

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