Next Door Eatery

Next Door Eatery is a wonderful addition to the Union Station food scene. It is an inviting space. Great for all sized parties, from larger groups to solo diners. Did I mention the prime location? Union Station is developing some amazing food experiences for travelers and local enthusiast. There's something for every price point. The Next Door Eatery is a mid-level steal!

The staff makes a great impression. Everyone was so helpful in running through the menu. Each person was attentive. I love restaurants where the staff works as a solid unit. Everyone is there was working to create the best experience for the customer. That they did!

Generally, I am always down for a cocktail or two, but not this visit. I may have skipped the alcoholic beverages but that doesn’t mean I didn’t partake in some delicious drinks. In comes the

Zero-Proof Cocktails:

  • Strawberry Lemon Fizz: Strawberry puree, agave, lemon & soda water

  • Next Door Rickey: Lime, orange bitters & ginger ale

  • Hibiscus Palmer: Hibiscus tea, lemonade & mint

No joke, each one of these crafted drinks were amazing. Perfect flavor combinations, not too sweet and totally refreshing. Though I was here for the food, these cocktails made a big impression.

We started the meal with Garlic & Parmesan Smashers. Fingerling potatoes, garlic butter & parsley that are boiled and fried. The Greek Salad was a thing of beauty. The display of this dish was really impressive. It was a combination of a salad and hummus appetizer. The Ancho Chile Chicken bowl had an equally stunning presentation, with bold flavors to back it up. I could imagine eating this for lunch quite often if I worked in the area. Perfect balance of sweet and savory. Our order rundown was:

  • Garlic & Parmesan Smashers

  • Greek Salad

  • Ancho Chile Chicken

  • Next Door Beet Burger

  • Next Door 50/50 Burger

The standout star of this meal was the Next Door 50/50 Burger. The patty is made of half Cremini mushrooms & beef, topped with swiss & balsamic onions. I was extremely skeptical when I was presented with this as an option. I couldn’t wrap my head around the texture. I have to admit, I was super impressed with this burger. The mushrooms had some bite to them and gave the dish an earthy feel. The balsamic onions were the sweet component that took this burger over the top.

I had the opportunity to chat with management and meet the chef. They both raved about how much they enjoyed their time at the restaurant. That positive vibe translates into exceptional service. The Next Door Eatery is a place that I look forward to returning to. It’s chill and had great energy. The food is prepared with care. Though their menu hosts some traditional pub food, there are a number of creative dishes such as the Next Door 50/50 Burger and Next Door Beet Burger. There is a wide selection of craft beers, specialty cocktails, and refreshing non-alcoholic beverage options. Add this to your list of places to dine asap!

Next Door Eatery

Union Station

1701 Wynkoop St #100,

Denver, CO 80202

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