Fish N Beer Pt. 2

I have already written about Fish N Beer. In that post, I talked about how it was a welcomed addition to the Rino food scene. This post is to simply reiterate that FNB has a long run ahead of it. Nearly one-year-old, it’s consistency and menu evolution is becoming a staple. This visit was to try items from the new menu. Many great eateries change a portion of their menu to combat seasonal change. Then there are others who are constantly testing out fresh ideas. Fish N Beer incorporates a little bit of both methods. Luckily for me, I was invited in to see what new offerings they had in store.

Can we start with Naomi? She is the fun-loving, ray of sunshine that will normally greet you while entering the door. I promise you can’t miss her. That energy is infectious. That type of energy trickles down to the entire staff. This team really acts as if they enjoy their jobs. They are a close-knit crew. Working side by side, in this cozy space, to bang out some of the best food Denver has to offer. I am a sucker for a dope staff. Anyplace that makes me feel at home, is a winner in my book.

Now on to the food! Here comes the only downside of this meal...I don’t like oysters. Fish N Beer is known for their incredible selection of both raw and grilled shellfish. I did what I could without totally freaking out. I will say that the House and Rockefeller sauces were incredible. Whoa! I was almost a believer until I bit into that texture of the oyster. Such a wuss, I know!

Grilled Oysters:

House: Garlic, parmesan, parsley butter

Devil: Grilled tomato, chile de Arbol, butter

Rockefeller: Pernod, spinach, parmesan, cream

Dynamite: Spicy mayo, tobiko

No trip to FNB is complete without an order of the Buffalo Blowfish Tails. This is a perfect appetizer or light snack. The tails are fried and tossed in tangy buffalo sauce, served with a blue cheese sauce. This, and the oysters, earned them a first-place finish at the recent Chef and Brew competition. Next on the menu was the “Three’s Company” Lobster Roll. What made this dish dynamic was the combination of lobster, shrimp, monkfish tossed in a red onion, lemon aioli. The sandwich was hefty and light at the same time. This was a very interesting take on what is generally a pretty simple dish.

My favorite new addition to the menu was the Wild Sea Bass Jambalaya. First, the presentation was extremely thoughtful. The fire-grilled sea bass was placed delicately on a bed of rice and Cajun inspired Jambalaya base. The flavors melted together. Each component was executed in a manner that if they stood alone it would have been underwhelming. Together they made a major impact of the closing of our meal. I could probably eat two servings of this in one sitting.

By now most of you know that I can do without dessert. But, I was easily convinced to try one of three new offerings. We let our wonderful server choose for us. She made the tough decision! Out comes this Milk N Cookies: Cookie dough flight. Double chocolate mint, white chocolate macadamia nut, and peanut butter; with ice-cold milk. The presentation was flawless! It was the absolute best way to end an incredible meal. I would have cleaned the plate if I weren’t headed out for a night on the town.

When asked my top recommendations for diners, Fish N Beer is always amongst the top of my list. I know very few people who wouldn’t jump at the chance to partake in some wonderful seafood. Plus, there is something super sexy about an open kitchen with open flames lol! If you haven’t made your way this far down Larimer, you need to make that happen immediately. Tell my Sagittarius sister Naomi, T sent you!

Fish N Beer

3510 Larimer Street

Denver, CO. 80205

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