CHUBurger Rino

While walking to an event at Exdo Event Center, I passed by CHUBurger. Something about it caught my attention. I decided to go in and simply check out what this new restaurant was all about. I did not end up dining here on that initial visit. It wasn’t long after that I started to hear some wonderful words about the eatery. Fast forward three months later, I finally had a chance to sit down and see what CHUBurger was offering the Rino neighborhood.

I quickly realized this eatery was centered around beer. It’s a concept under the Oskar Blues brand. You’ll find dozens of their craft beers on tap. Many of the beers rotate seasonally. This is a fast casual environment. You place your order near the entrance. In about 10-15 minutes it is delivered to your table. The venue is spacious. A great spot for solo diners and larger meetups. There is also an outside patio. You can enjoy your brews while bathing in the sun!

The menu is centered around burgers and sandwiches. There are a few other items that you'd traditionally find on a bar menu. The cool thing is you can choose the patty and customize the toppings. I was really impressed with their meat selection. In most cases, you’re lucky to have beef, chicken or fish option. You get that and more here! We didn’t play any games when it came down to ordering. We literally hurt ourselves trying to taste all that CHUBurger’s menu had to offer. With the assistance of the kitchen manager Titus, we made our selections.

Mama’s Beer Battered Onion Rings

Shoshito Fries

Chubeesy Cheese Curds

Potato Pierogies

Blue Fries: balsamic onions, bacon, and blue cheese

Beer Brined Chubwings

Buff Burger: Bison Burger

Crispy Clucker: Fried/Grilled Chicken

Specialty Handshake

Hotbox Roaster Doughnuts

I can honestly say, there is nothing I ate that I wouldn’t order again! I would have a difficult time choosing an appetizer. There are so many options to pick from. We recommended that they create a sampler platter. That way consumers would be able to enjoy a variety of starters in smaller portions. The burger was cooked medium. Well salted, with a complimentary bun. The Crispy Clucker was my favorite! The fry on the chicken breast was great! The wings were the surprise highlight of the meal. They were moist and well seasoned. This is not what I observe very often when eating wings at a restaurant. Very impressive!

The food was solid! But the highlight of our meal was chatting with Titus. Besides his excellent customer service, he shared with us his matriculation to becoming a manager at CHUBurger. He told stories about how their executive team was really hands-on and front-facing when it came to serving the external and internal customers, their employees. In a few short months, Titus has risen up the ranks to a leadership position. The culture that is being cultivated within the Oskar Blues family is something to admire. These stories give a consumer a deeper motivation to frequent a business.

I also have to show some love to the team at Hotbox Roasters. They stopped by our table to hook us up with some delightful donuts. FYI, I will never turn down a donut or a cupcake! Hotbox occupies the space next to CHUBurger in Rino. A dope destination for coffee, beer, and donuts. Who doesn’t love that combination?

CHUBurger Rino

3490 Larimer St.

Denver, CO. 80205

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