Element Kitchen & Cocktails

Element Kitchen is the sleek new sports bar taking over the North Broadway neighborhood. They describe their menu as Farm To Table. It features some classics, incorporated with modern menu items. The open dining room is perfect for large parties. The long bar area is ideal for solo diners or parties of 2-3. First thing I noticed, there were tvs everywhere! This is an ideal setup for a sports fan such as myself. No matter where you sit, you have a perfect view of the game.

After glancing at the drink menu, you’ll quickly notice that Element Kitchen focused on serving up great beer. They offer dozens of craft beers on tap and much more by the bottle. There is something for everybody. If you aren’t able to decide or want to try something new, you can always ask for a taste. The drink menu also hosts a number of handcrafted cocktails.

As we dove into the menu, I had the hardest time selecting Starters. Everything listed sounded great! We finally decided on deviled eggs and nachos. The nachos were excellent. House-made corn chips, Willow River jack cheese, serrano peppers, guacamole and sour cream. For an extra $5-6 you have your choice of meat. The portion size is fairly small being that they are individual chips opposed to a pile of tortilla chips. This presentation made it easy to enjoy all the ingredients in each bite. We also ordered some Vietnamese style chicken wings.

On to the main courses! I ordered the shrimp po’boy with a side of avocado fries. Yes, beer battered slices of avocado, touched with the perfect amount of sea salt. Wow! These were a big hit. By far my favorite this on this menu. It’s unique and executed perfectly. Other items ordered were the bison burger with a side smash fries, chicken + waffles with a side or bacon Brussel sprouts. Both of these items were a bit underwhelming. My biggest issue with the burger that the bun did not hold up well. After the thoughtful execution of the nachos, I thought that that same care would have been taken with other menu items. The chicken + waffles were underwhelming. The bacon Brussel sprouts were very good.

Overall I think that Element Kitchen is a cool addition to the neighborhood. Although they are a new concept in the Denver area, they have ingratiated themselves into the food scene by participating in a number of food festivals and local events. They are always hosting some sort of event. As a person who is looking for an upgraded dining experience, these efforts are truly appreciated. Happy Hour is a great deal. If you are a sports fan, I’d be cautious of the cost of food and beer. You can run up a serious tab over the course of two hours. Most beer selections are between $8-10. Stop by on Tuesdays for $.50 wings!

Element Kitchen

1134 N Broadway

Denver, CO. 80203

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