1515 Restaurant

This blog general covers restaurants ranging from casual eateries to midscale concepts. I’m going a little more bad and boujee with this next feature. 1515 Restaurant is one of the premier fine dining experiences in Denver. Located in a beautiful historic building. The dining room is located upstairs. Immediately off the staircase, you’ll notice the expansive wine cellar featuring hundreds of wines from all around the world.

As you enter the dining room you’ll get a glimpse of the great view of downtown. Tables are set with nice silverware and white table clothes. Owner & Executive Chef Gene Tang came to the table to greet me a few moments after I was seated. He went over the menu and gave me a peak of the lovely wine cellar. I decided to go all in and partake in the 8-course chef’s tasting menu. How often do you have a chance to taste a variety of items from a renown culinary mind?


Fried Soft Shell - Pork, Black Beans Egg Sauce

Seared Snapper

Duck Confit with Cherry Demi

Certified Angus New York and Gulf Shrimp - Ishiyaki Style Cooking At the Table on A Hot Stone

Lobster Thermidor - 8 oz Cold Water Tails, Sliced Mushrooms, Cream, Asparagus, Hollandaise Spheres

House-made Cheesecake - Strawberries Puree

I have to be honest, we barely made it through to the 5th course! I was extremely pleased with the portion sizes. The multicourse chef tastings I’ve attended generally prepare bite-sized servings. Chef Gene is extremely generous!

This was my first time eating Escargot. Not bad at all. I was expecting something a bit slimy, with an odd texture. What I received was tender. It was perfectly paired with an earthy flavored mushroom, slightly sweet sauce. The coolest course would have to be the Certified Angus New York and Gulf Shrimp - Ishiyaki style cooking at the table on a hot stone. I love interactive food.

This dining experience was definitely one to remember. 1515 Restaurant is a go-to destination if you are looking to make an incredible impression. It's great for celebrating a special occasion, entertaining clients or you simply want a fine dining option. As to be expected, you will need to block out at least one to two hours for dinner. Quality takes time! Another wonderful touch was the digital wine list. This helps the diner navigate through their selection. Major kudos to all the restaurants integrating technology into the equation.

More About Gene Tang | Owner & Executive Chef

“As a young man, Gene Tang’s passion for hospitality, incredible, good-for-the-soul food and outstanding wines inspired him to attend the Hotel and Restaurant Management School at the University of Denver, where he learned classic French cooking techniques, and how to run a restaurant. He managed and cooked at several restaurants before finally opening 1515 Restaurant with his wife Paula in 1997. Gene works closely with his chefs in creating each season’s menus, and incorporating the innovation of molecular gastronomy with classic French fare.” - 1515 Restaurant

1515 Restaurant

1515 Market St.

Denver, CO. 80202

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