Blue Agave Grill

There has been a rotation of restaurants that have occupied the space next to The Cheesecake Factory. Located near the corner of 16th Street Mall and Larimer, Blue Agave Grill is serving up an extensive menu of Southwestern dishes. I was very surprised to see a wide variety of seafood offerings. There is something for everybody. We tasted a little bit of everything. Let’s dive into the menu!

There is no way I can go to a Mexican food inspired restaurant and not sample a few drinks. Tequila is my thing! For our first round, we had a classic margarita and Paloma. You have an option to upgrade the tequila, based on preference. The drinks hit the spot! The first round of food included the Tunarita and Skirt Steak Sliders. I was pleased with both items. The Tunarita was my favorite. The combination of the jicama, soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi provided wonderful textures and a refreshing flavor balance. The presentation was stunning. We found it a bit odd to go from a cup to dumping everything on the plate. The process did allow easy access to all the ingredients in each bite. The sliders were extremely tasty. The only negative was that the pieces of meat were too large for a single bite. A few more strokes of the blade would have been nice.

Tunarita* | GF Sushi Grade Raw Tuna / Avocado / Jicama / Soy Sauce / Ginger / Wasabi / Radish

Skirt Steak Sliders* | GF Charbroiled to Temperature / Brioche / Caramelized Onion / Avocado / Bacon Aioli 15.59

Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Tacos | GF Corn Tortillas / Serrano Avocado Salsa / Monterey Jack / Red Onion / Cilantro / Cilantro Rice / Black Beans

Blue Agave Fish Tacos | GF Flour Tortillas / Tempura-Battered Tilapia / Asadero Cheese / Marinated Cherry Tomatoes / Sweet Adobo Slaw / Creamy Horseradish / Cilantro Rice / Black Beans

Tacos En Fuego* | GF Tequila-Fired Tableside / Marinated Skirt Steak / Charbroiled / Onion / Bell Pepper / Corn Salsa / Serrano Avocado Salsa / Monterey Jack / Flour Tortillas / Cilantro Rice / Black Beans

Stuffed Relleno | GF Roasted Poblano Chili / Melted Monterey Jack and Asadero Cheese / Onion / Green Chilies / Mushroom / Tomato / Red Pepper Coulis / Cilantro Rice / Black Beans / Chorizo or Shrimp and Applewood-Smoked Bacon

Our main courses were an assortment of tacos and stuffed relleno. The relleno took on a slightly different take on its traditional origin. It featured a combination of land and sea, with a shrimp and bacon mix. The sweet and salty worked well. I’ve always been a little weird about cheese and fish going together (totally a personal issue). The tacos were solid. The primary issue was that despite the difference in meat, the toppings were the same. This was disappointing. Most restaurants will take the time to build out complimentary flavors according to the meat. The dish felt very redundant. We finished off our meal with two desserts. The bread pudding was wonderful. Warm and comforting without being too sweet. The sopapillas were great as well.

Blue Agave Grill is serving up a great selection of food in the Southwestern category. Their menu can be a bit overwhelming due to the number of options listed. I've come to truly value restaurants that find that perfect balance of a diverse menu with a high priority of execution. There were some strong points such as the starters and cocktails. There were also areas of opportunity with the execution of the tacos and attention to detail within flavor profiles and presentation. Overall, this is a place I would return back to. Happy Hour is a great value! If you find yourself strolling the mall, check out Blue Agave Grill, and let me know what you think! They also have a location in Fort Collins.

Blue Agave Grill

1201 16th St #104,

Denver, CO 80202

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