Uncle Joe’s Hong Kong Bistro

Uncle Joe’s Hong Kong Bistro is another one of those spots I’ve walked by countless times, paying it little attention. As I started working near the Denver Center for Performing Arts, I grew more curious to see what Uncle Joe’s had to offer. At first glance, it looks like a fairly casual eatery. Upon entering the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised to see how lovely of a space this was. Definitely, a place that I’d come and have a cocktails or two.

I really enjoyed the size of their menu. It had a solid amount of options, in each major section, without being overwhelming. For starters, we decided on Citrus Garlic Chicken Wings and Potstickers. Both items were very yummy. The portion sizes were perfect for our party of 3. Each person received two pieces of both items. We were off to a great start. On to the entrees. We orders;

  • Chili Mango Shrimp: tiger shrimp, mango salsa, sweet chili sauce

  • Prawn & Scallop Rice Pillows in X.O. Sauce: stir-fried prawns & scallop in Hong Kong X.O. sauce, Fresno chilies fresh rice noodle rolls

  • Uncle’s Fried Rice: Chicken, cha shao, ginger, edamame, red onion, carrots

  • Lo Mein: cha shao, ginger, red onion, carrots

The coolest dish was the Prawn & Scallop Rice Pillows in X.O. Sauce. The light rice noodles were folded into pillow shaped balls. I’ve never tried anything quite like it. The dish was on the sweeter side of the flavor spectrum. A dab of soy sauce gave it that salty component. The lo mein was a really fresh take on what can be a greasy and heavy dish. The ingredients were fresh and all the flavors melded together. It reminded me why I fell in love with this dish so many years ago. The Chili Mango Shrimp, again, leaned on the sweeter side. The incorporation of the chili sauce gave the dish a little kick. The fried rice left a bit to be desired. There were no pronounced flavors. I’d only order this again if I needed a filler dish.

Uncle Joe’s Hong Kong Bistro needs to be on your list of one of the go-to restaurant’s downtown. It was so refreshing to have quality Asian food in a neighborhood that is overwhelmed with mediocre American cuisine. In comparison to other metropolitan areas, Denver can definitely use a spark of ethnic culture. There is no better way to showcase that than food. I plan on making Uncle Joe’s my new spot for watching a few basketball games during happy hour. Their bar area is very inviting and equipped with some lovely tvs. If you don’t frequent the Performing Arts neighborhood, I’m happy to report that Uncle Joe’s Hong Kong Bistro delivers!

Uncle Joe’s Hong Kong Bistro

891 14th St 100

Denver CO 802

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