What To Expect In 2018

Welcome to 2018! There are so many milestones to celebrate this January. This will be the first full month in my 30’s. Celebrating 10 years of my loc journey. Last, but not least, 1 year of the #TDimeryEats blog! It has been a slow, but steady, transition from posting random food pics on social media to developing consistent content. I want to thank all the readers and fellow foodies that engage with my posts. You have truly been my motivation. I look forward to sharing another year of food, fun, and friendship with you.

The new years brings an opportunity to gain clarity and pivot. I hope to increase my following while diving deeper into the Denver food scene. There will be some reformatting of the content that is being created. Expect to see more post about the top happy hours, food-specific list, neighborhood roundups and event coverage. I will also be doing exclusive features with some of the top chefs and restaurant owners. If that wasn’t enough, I will be incorporating news from around the Denver food scene and event listings so you can join in on the action.

2017 taught me so much about writing, social media management, and brand development. Though I worked in these spaces in my professional career, there is a different level of care that is applied when it comes to your passion project. Photography, blogging, and influencer marketing are new skill sets I am grateful to have started to develop over the past 12 months. These have become invaluable as I set to launch of my newest business venture DIMERY Brand + Concept. A Denver-based social management firm that provides customer-centric strategies to assist food and beverage brands in using their existing customer base to mold a distinctive brand voice.

So, let the good time roll! I’m making a resolution to continue to consume amazing food and to continue to connect with those who are just as passionate about the topic as I am. I hope that you will continue to read my blog and follow me on Instagram @TDimery_Eats.

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