Super Mega Bien

"On the first story of RiNo’s Ramble Hotel and just a snowball’s throw away from sister restaurant, Work & Class, SuperMegaBien traverses Latin American cuisine—spinning it around and standing it on its head—with small plates served on brightly-colored dim sum carts and family-style dishes made for sharing, conversation, and fun." - Super Mega Bien

Summer is in full swing. Friday afternoons have become the highlight of my week. The sun is out, patios are open and happy hour drinks are flowing. Super Mega Bien has been the most outstanding dining experiences I’ve had in a long while. The genius of combining the dim sum serving style with Latin cuisine made me an instant fan. This is an elevated culinary moment I’ve been waiting for.

The team is slanging small plates from three different carts. These items can change daily. A few of the items I hope they keep in the rotation are the carne asada with chimichurri and the sweet potato molote. Fried sweet potato and maseca pocket with rajas and Oaxaca cheese topped with avocado sauce and pickled red onions. I think I ate like four of these things.

Along with the rotating small plates, there are family-style dishes that serves 3-4 people. If you are a fan of soup, I highly recommend the Hot Stone Stew. This Oaxaca dish consists of fresh fish, vegetables, and aji pepper broth. It is prepared tableside and served tortilla chips. I’m looking forward to trying the Roasted Duck on my next visit. Denver’s buzzing food scene is ready to take the next step in providing distinctive service styles paired with its lush offerings.

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