Marcella’s Restaurant

Marcella’s Ristorante, Pizzeria and Wine Bar is bringing some bold flavors from Italian to the Highland neighborhood. I had the opportunity to sample a good portion of their menu during an influencer dinner. Imagine a table full of foodies, with their cameras out, passing around a dozen dishes for 10-20 minutes before settling in to take a bite. It’s an intriguing sight to see. It was great to be able to observe the creative process of my fellow food enthusiast. They inspire me to work harder on my craft. But enough about the behind the scenes situation, let’s dig into the good stuff.

For starters, their Antipasti selection is one of my favorites. I love small bites on shareable plates. Instead of the usual pickled veggies, and odd accompaniment, Marcella’s has offerings one can truly sink their teeth into. The Grappa Cured Salmon was the standout item! It was served with cucumber, red onion, and lemon zest. Nice and light! Up next were the appetizers. The Braised Veal Meatball and the Parma Prosciutto Bruschetta were phenomenal. First, the presentation of the veal meatball in a miniature cast iron pot was appealing. Once you dig in you’ll find that each bite simply melts in your mouth.

The main courses were packed with savory flavors. If you are a pasta lover that enjoys the rich taste of garlic and fresh herbs, this is a place you need to try. Most of you know that I am not a fan of desserts. Marcella’s may have changed my mind. Their Tiramisu was the best I’ve had outside of New York City. I wish I had words to describe how much I enjoyed this dish and why, but unfortunately I don’t. This, along with the dessert cocktail, topped off a memorable dining experience.

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