Steuben's Uptown Brunch

I’ve been residing in the Uptown neighborhood for nearly 7 years. The adjacent blocks host several clusters of restaurant and bars that are prime attractions for millennials. Steuben’s has been a staple amongst Denver diners for over a decade. There was quite a buzz when it was revealed that their menu would be getting a facelift. This prompted me to round up my crew and check out their brunch service.

The place was full of energy. The menu continues to give diner vibes but now with a hint of refinement. Some new offerings fall in line with current culinary trends. Others take a more traditional approach to what might be seen in most American style eateries. Off the top, I enjoyed the presentation of each dish. There’s just something about sitting out in the sun, with friends, that makes everything look great. Another plus, there’s a beverage for everyone! Steuben has it all from coffee and teas to boozy milkshakes and standard cocktails. The Avocado toast was the favorite of the day! First, it was stunning. Second, it was nice and light. Lastly, that bread was pure perfection. If you are in the market for a neighborhood hangout, Steuben’s just might be the spot for you!

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