The Shades She Made Art PopUp

We had huge success with The Shades She Made: Art PopUp featuring Art By Ki and S.Monét Art. Thank you to everyone that came out and supported the local arts. A major thank you to Olivia Omega and The Riveter for hosting us. This is one amazing space that is set to make a great impact on the local business community. Thank you to Brian Rogers for a few of these dope pics.

Art By Ki

"My name is Kiyasha Newson. I am a self-taught artist, born and raised in Denver, CO. Creating has always been a major part of who I am. Art is my escape and but I'm happy to share!" - Kiyasha Newson

S. Monét

Shakerra Monét a digital artist based out of Denver, but a St. Louis native. As an artist, I create colorful and expressive portraits that speak both to me and others about the beauty within the black and brown communities. With my recent work, I try to capture the essence of candid photos of a vast variety of individuals. Overall, I want my work to be viewed in a positive light and to bring representation to my culture.

The Shades She Made; is a creative collective showcasing various Denver-based women artists through a diverse range of artistic mediums. Curated by brand activator, Triston Dimery (@TDimery_Eats), this installation exhibits a distinct artistic viewpoint from creators that share parallel cultural experiences.

#TheShadesSheMade #ArtEvent #TDimeryEats #PopUp #KiyashaNewson #TheRiveter

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